Dream land bath bomb

Dream land bath bomb

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Fragrance- Fragrance {Unstoppable Dreams}- Similar in scent to the dreams in wash scent boosters. This fragrance has luxurious layers of vanilla and lavender with gentle cedar undertones.  


Product received may be slightly different to that shown on the product image as every handmade creation differs due to the artisan nature of our products. 

Getting the most out of your whipped top bath bomb

Store your bath bomb in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. To use-Place your bomb into warm water and watch the bath bomb base bubble away, release its scent and then dissolve. Your bubble frosting will also bubble into the tub.  You can then use the soap embed to wash with. Please note that handling the bath bomb base when wet may cause staining.


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin, sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, prunus armenacia kernel oil, polysorbate 80, potassium tartrate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, sodium stearate, propylene glycol, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, stearic acid, lauric acid, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, CL45100, CL42090, CL77019, CL77499, parfum:  Alpha iso methyl ionone, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, limonene, linalool. 


Average Weight: 232g